The impact of the ecosystem is evident in its projects and people

The Ongoing Project

Achieving equality of opportunity requires many better systems to exist. Co-ordinating people and resources, connecting and ensuring they are working together to develop new approaches and solutions is our ongoing project. Its how we'll ensure everything we do as a community adds to human and planetary wellbeing. Innovation and entrepreneurship are at the core of our egalitarian future.

Some projects have enabled the community we serve to turn ideas into ventures. Others have added to the impact of Venture Centre itself.

All projects have begun from an understanding that our context (our communities, city and region) and, in fact, the world we inhabit is a Complex Adaptive System. Complex contexts are the domain of emergence, where there are no best practices or right answers.  As such, what will move the dial in the right direction (entrepreneurs, projects, ventures, activities, practices) emerges and is often not immediately obvious. 

Therefore we approach projects with the three practices below at the centre of all we do. Our special projects are:

1) Mission-led

Our starting point is shaping and harnessing the power of individuals, communities and their participants to learn about the domain they are targeting, each other and those who they intend to delight by creating a new outcome. Only then can they take meaningful entrepreneurial action, experiment with approaches, tools and practises, discover which ones to invest their time and effort into and make an impact.

2) Portfolio-based

We orchestrate the development and deployment of projects in portfolios. Portfolios are collections of deliberately chosen activities designed with, and delivered through our community. This way, the knowledge gained on the journey towards each outcome is shared and its benefit is multiplied.

3) Collaboratively-delivered

No single person, group, or organisation can address hard challenges alone. The engagement and intersection of all pooling their collective wisdom is an intangible and valuable asset of the whole ecosystem.

Each project in our list has followed these practices, built upon data, information, knowledge and wisdom generated from those which came before it. We are always moving forward!

2013-14: BOP-in (Bay-of-Plenty Innovation Survey)
2014 – ongoing: Basestation (Community-led coworking space)
2014: Tauranga’s Digital Strategy – the peoples prototype
2014: Tauranga Startup Weekend
2015: Coding for kids – Codebrite, Codeclub, CodeAvengers, Hour of Code
2015: CoworkHui
2015: Tauranga Startup Weekend
2015-16: Bay of Plenty Digital Enablement Plan Development (Steering Committee)
2016: Techweek Auckland – Angel@mytable event
2016 – 2021: Digital Enablement Project Pilot – Initial development of Whakahiko infrastructure for MADVentures (youth), PoweringON (SME owners), Instigator (entrepreneurs) programmes
2016: Tauranga Startup Weekend
2016: BetterRulesHack in partnership with Dept. Internal Affairs and LegalHackersNZ
2017: Techweek New Zealand (Tauranga programme)
2017: Digital Enablement Project Launch
2017 – 2020: Whakahiko, MADVentures (youth), PoweringON (SME owners), Instigator (entrepreneurs) programmes
2017: Grow Plenty Community collaboration event to imagine and explore possible futures
2017 – 2019: Co-Starters
2017: Tauranga Startup Weekend
2017: BetterRulesHack in partnership with Dept. Internal Affairs and LegalHackersNZ
2018: Techweek New Zealand (Tauranga programme)
2018: Violence Free Future – Collective Impact Income
Generation Project
2018: Tauranga Startup Weekend
2019: Techweek New Zealand (Tauranga programme)
2019: Hughes Place Food Sovereignty Project 
2019: STEMFest support partner
2019 – 2020: Impact Initiative – Regional Hubs Pilot
2019 – ongoing: Impact initiative – Seedfunding portfolio review project
2019 – 2020: Tokoroa PGF Business case, implementation and support
2019: Tauranga Startup Weekend
2019 – ongoing: Katikati Digital Hub "Pātuki Manawa" PGF Business case, implementation and support
2020: Techweek New Zealand (Groundswell Tauranga programme)
2020: Techweek New Zealand (Tauranga programme)
2020 – ongoing: BigBlueButton – delivery of free, secure, online conferencing tool with NZOSS
2020 – ongoing: Founding of the Community-led Enterprise Development Network – Flaxroots
2022 - ongoing: Launch of Stand Tall Community Trust
2022 - ongoing: Launch of Digital Aotearoa Collective
2022 - ongoing: Launch of Global Smarthubs Initiative


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