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14 July 2020


Enigmatic Global - Global Swim


Global Swim works with diverse communities and aquatic industry professionals to increase diversity and inclusion in water safety training and aquatic activities, with a focus on community empowerment and promoting stronger partnerships.


Being in, on and/or around the water is an integral part of New Zealand culture and society.  However, there are several barriers to the inclusion of diverse communities related to aquatics and water safety training.  This is not only a challenge for the inclusion of diverse groups as part of their greater community but can also result in an increase of water-related accidents and drowning.


  • Increase the participation of diverse groups within our community as part of aquatics and water-related activities.
  • Increase community resistance to drowning and water-related accidents through awareness and empowerment.
  • Encourage greater diversity within aquatic industries by providing training to young adults, empowering them to encourage water safety and act as role models within their own communities.
  • Support aquatic industry programs and businesses in becoming more inclusive of diverse communities.


Empowering and promoting self-sufficiency of diverse communities related to aquatics and water safety will not only increase the safety of that community, but also encourage greater understanding, inclusion and participation as part of the greater New Zealand community.


The last two years has been focused on program design, refinement and piloting. The project has been introduced to several organisations. Some of those organisations have become delivery partners, supporting customisation and delivery those within their target communities. The Global Swim Pro project is currently being piloted in cooperation with the University of Waikato, offering professional training to international students to support the delivery of Global Swim programs.


In 2019/2020, Global Swim: 

  • Delivered workshops to 750 participants encouraging water safety awareness and community responsibility.
  • Supported and/or encouraged engagement and cooperation in water safety awareness and training through engagement with 18 organisations, educational institutions and government programs.


  • Increased recognition of water safety as a matter of importance within several diverse community groups.
  • Empowerment and confidence-building within individuals as part of their personal journey in aquatics.
  • Increased awareness of aspects of diversity and inclusion among water safety and aquatic professionals.
  • Increased engagement with members of diverse communities who may not have engaged in water safety and aquatic programs otherwise.


Increase engagement and capacity to reach more individuals and groups.


  • Water Safety New Zealand
  • Surf Life Saving
  • Educational Tauranga
  • Water Safe Waikato (University of Waikato)
  • Welcoming Communities (Tauranga & Western BOP)
  • Safer Communities (Tauranga & Western BOP)


Bay of Plenty, Hamilton


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  • Co-Starters
  • PoweringON
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  • Startup Weekend

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