What our community says...

We interviewed some of the people who have worked with and benefited from our work, to hear about the impact that Venture Centre has had on their lives.  

If you would like to join them in learning more about entrepreneurship and activating your inner entrepreneur, then we'd love to connect. Reach out on our social channels or come into our entrepreneurial home, Basestation.

Venture Centre gets a big YES vote from local student volunteer.

Venture Centre pulls Tauranga forward and shows what is possible.

Venture Centre helps Kat activate her entrepreneurial flair.

Owners convert homestead into invisibly accessible retreat for people living with disabilities.

What our supporters say...

We asked a few of our supporters to reflect on the impact that they believe Venture Centre is having – and to share the reality of the outcomes and outputs we enable and deliver. 

They have developed and grown entrepreneurial mindset in over 500 students.

Liz Pittman / Head of YES

Venture Centre team have been active leaders in both our local and national community development programs.

Lalitha Wemel / Regional Director of Techstars

Venture Centre has the unique position and track record to create and accelerate the social enterprise sector in BOP.

Paul Kerssens / Director of Impact Hub Waikato

They are soil people doing the work below the ground to cultivate the environment to enable new growth to emerge.

Cain Kerehoma / Co-Founder of Tāiki e!

A quiet contributor but in critical ways to many different startup support endeavours.

Dave Moskovitz / Chair of GEN NZ

Venture Centre has played a key role in supporting the growth of Tauranga’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Greg Simmonds / COO of Priority One

What we say...

Everyday is an opportunity to work with wonderful people doing meaningful things to nudge ever closer to the #FutureWeWantToSee and the betterment of people and planet.
Its a privilege to play a part in the generation of outcomes our children will thank us for.


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