Venture Centre gets a big YES vote from local student volunteer.

This is Louise's VC story

I first got involved with Venture Centre as a Otumoetai College student participating in the Young Enterprise Scheme (we won the regional championship and my partner and I got to go to nationals), and then I participated as a young student in a Start-up Weekend that they organised. 

I am hugely enthusiastic about Venture Centre and credit them with the skills and attitude that shape me today. It was always such a giving place with such a buzz and a spark, making it awesome to go there, even as a student looking to learn.

“If people have entrepreneurial ideas and they feel overwhelmed, then I recommend they go into Venture Centre. The people there are amazing and give their time to anyone who needs help. They don’t judge you and they don’t put boundaries on you and what you can do, just because of who you are, your age or your profession. There is nothing else like it!”

Key outcomes for me because of my experience with Venture Centre are that it made me stronger and smarter, it opened new opportunities and it helped me make connections that I otherwise wouldn’t have made. It was also great for building my teamwork skills, and I learnt how to relate to adults. The other good outcome was that I learnt to push though and always find other solutions to problems.

I am now back mentoring a Young Enterprise team at my old school and it’s because of the relationship with Venture Centre that I do this (even from Auckland).

“Being a volunteer has brought back so many pleasant memories for me, and it’s been so rewarding. Plus my CV is glowing, which is great for the scholarships I am applying for.”

I just wish that more people knew about Venture Centre and what they do, as that would increase the number of people they could help. If other organisations did for them what they do for people like me, that would be amazing – then they could help the community more. Especially now, with so many needing help with online business – it’s so important to have those skills as everything moves online, and Venture Centre can help with that, as well as helping you build friendships and partnerships in the community.

My parting advice is that if you’re stuck at all on your idea, then walk into Venture Centre and have a chat. They will make everything after that seem easy, regardless of your experience.


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