Your new favourite tool

Why you and the Lean Canvas are going to be the best of friends.

One of Venture Centre’s favourite tools to recommend to the entrepreneurs in our community is the Lean Canvas.

No matter if you’re in full flight with a business idea or cautiously contemplating its potential, the Lean Canvas can help get your business plan on one page, increasing your chance of success.

What is the Lean Canvas? 

Ash Maurya had startups in mind when he adapted the Business Model Canvas to create the Lean Canvas in 2010. 

Able to give you a quick and honest snapshot of your business idea, the Lean Canvas guides you through validating questions such as;

  • What problem will your product/service solve?
  • Who is most likely to buy your product/service? (target audience)
  • Are there already people out there with solutions to this problem? (main competitors)

Upon completion of the Lean Canvas you will have in your hands a bird’s-eye view of your business ‘plan’.

Want to know if your business idea has good bones?

Entrepreneur in our community, Yohann Irani, is someone who has many ideas (maybe you do too). The Lean Canvas is one of his go-to validation tools. 

“I have a bunch of ideas streaming through my head all the time and by using the Lean Canvas, I can quickly see if the idea could turn into something bigger. The tool encourages me to ask ‘is this actually a problem?’ and ‘has it been solved?’. Answering these questions prompts me to research and understand if my idea (solution) has legs.”

Other benefits of using the Lean Canvas include:
  • Low cost - just you, some post-it notes and a pen is all you need.
  • Not time-consuming - in just over an hour you’ll have a great overview of your business idea.
  • The potential to save you a lot of money - test the waters before diving in (along with your entire life savings).

How can you get your hands on a Lean Canvas?

Now you’re convinced that checking in with the Lean Canvas first is your next best move?

Great! We’re all about you taking the Lean Canvas for a spin, so click below for your free download.

Don’t want to do it alone? Book a Venture Navigation session to go over your Lean Canvas with one of our co-founders.

Remember, The Lean Canvas is YOUR tool. 

Use it and find out if your business idea has what it takes to become a sustainable enterprise - go!


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