Statements of Support

We are incredibly grateful to these organisations below. All were asked to reflect on the impact that they believe Venture Centre is having – and to consider the outcomes and outputs we enable and deliver. 

They have developed and grown entrepreneurial mindset in over 500 students.

Liz Pittman / Head of YES

Venture Centre team have been active leaders in both our local and national community development programs.

Lalitha Wemel / Regional Director of Techstars

Venture Centre has the unique position and track record to create and accelerate the social enterprise sector in BOP.

Paul Kerssens / Director of Impact Hub Waikato

They are soil people doing the work below the ground to cultivate the environment to enable new growth to emerge.

Cain Kerehoma / Co-Founder of Tāiki e!

A quiet contributor but in critical ways to many different startup support endeavours.

Dave Moskovitz / Chair of GEN NZ

Venture Centre has played a key role in supporting the growth of Tauranga’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Greg Simmonds / COO of Priority One


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