Venture Centre events are a great way to participate in and learn with the community. Be it as an attendee, a presenter, a facilitator, a mentor or coach, you are welcome! 

See below for some of our regular events.


An action packed weekend event at which you get to pitch an idea, form a team and validate an idea from scratch. Held once a year, it brings together aspiring entrepreneurs, tech people, marketers, community leaders, experts, coaches and mentors for a celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation.


Join others on the entrepreneurial journey – together we'll make an impact and support each other to thrive! 


A weekend event, delivering a unique learn-by-doing experience for youth aged 14+. Designed to introduce entrepreneurial and digital skills to solve problems in our community.


Codebrite is designed to support your children thrive in the digital era: to go from consuming digital content and applications to making them! Codebrite develops coding skills for children aged 8 to 13 with some or no previous experience with computer programming. Discovery of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


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