Delivering Value With Empathy and Understanding

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Charlotte Thompson

Our entrepreneur in the spotlight this month is Charlotte Thompson, the Customer Service Manager at GoGenerosity, a local startup that helps businesses and the community partner together to make an impact. 

Our paths crossed with Charlotte when she spoke on the panel for the Techweek Event, Growing Plenty in the Bay - Ingredients for Entrepreneurial Success. She shared about her role at GoGenerosity and combining empathy with a functional online platform to deliver value to their customers.

New to the world of startups, Charlotte’s journey to her current role has been about following her spark.

Fresh out of school Charlotte decided to study psychology at Victoria University in Wellington. Finding the subject fascinating but the potential careers not so much, Charlotte took a gap year and returned to study a Bachelor of Business at Waikato University.

“I wanted to take my fascination for understanding people that I discovered when studying psychology and apply it in a more practical way.”

During her degree, Charlotte formed a connection with a new consultancy and paused her studies when they offered her a job in Market Research. 

“The essence of my role was speaking with customers to understand their motivations behind purchasing certain products. It was an amazing opportunity to learn more about how people think and how businesses can utilise this understanding to deliver more value into their customers’ lives.”

At the end of last year, Charlotte’s desire to make a greater impact led to her current role at GoGenerosity.

“What I love about working at GoGenerosity is being able to listen to people, pick their brains and discover new ways we can increase generosity by making it easier for them. This information helps us to strategically channel our resources, time and energy, to ensure we are delivering the most benefits to our customers.”

Charlotte was drawn to work for GoGenerosity for two reasons; the people, and the new startup model that’s a win-win-win for everyone involved.

“GoGenerosity’s mission is to impact 100 million lives by 2031. Our business model has so much potential and I love being part of the journey and the team that’s creating opportunities for people to have an impact.”

Excited to grow in her current role, Charlotte’s aspirations are simple. 

“I really enjoy listening to people so we can understand how to help them more. So I’ll continue following my spark and saying yes to opportunities that allow me to learn more about this.”

Charlotte’s advice for people on their own growth journey? 

“Just keep showing up, be open to learning and follow what interests you. Every opportunity will shape your understanding and give you new experiences that will help you in the next season.”

Charlotte’s move into the startup world didn’t require her to be a founder. She just simply brought her expertise and desire to be part of shaping the future to the table. 

Maybe your expertise and desire for change could make an impact too.


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