Five Ways You Can Support Women Entrepreneurs

As a women-founded and run organisation, we know the tenacity of women entrepreneurs firsthand. We also know the road is not an easy one for female founders. 

Their hurdles include more difficulty raising capital, greater expectations within domestic roles, and not being taken seriously by their male counterparts.

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So how can we support the incredible wahine within our community? We’ve outlined a couple of simple steps we can take together to change the entrepreneurial world for good.

Promote and recommend

People can’t support businesses that they don’t know exist. Promote women-owned small businesses and:

  • Connect with them on social media - post their products and services on your stories, comment on their feeds, and tag friends who may love their products.
  • Give a five-star review for your favourite women-owned businesses - write a detailed description of why you love their business to encourage others to engage with the business too. Review on Google, Facebook and Tripadvisor.
  • Recommend your favourite business - be a word-of-mouth champion and mention your favourite local businesses to all your friends.

With little effort and no cost, you can point many new customers in the direction of awesome women-owned businesses.

​Create a women founders directory

We’re all surrounded by legendary women who provide a range of services (think graphic design, coaching, copywriting etc). 

Collate their contact details into a women founders directory (with their permission) ready for the next time someone mentions a service need.

Better yet, know a woman founder who’d benefit from being introduced to someone in your network? Don’t wait! Connect them with each other via email or invite them both to coffee.

Invest in women-owned businesses

If you’re in the position to invest, choose first from the many talented women founders. 

Not in the position to invest financially just yet? 

Donate your time and choose a woman founder to mentor. Your support will help them grow and expand their business.

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Purchase from women-owned businesses

Make women-owned businesses your first stop for all gift purchases. 

That’s for thank yous, birthday presents, or gifts for the many holiday seasons.

You never know, you might introduce someone to their new favourite product or service.

Celebrate each other

When you’re in the trenches, it’s hard to remember that you’re doing a great job. That’s why it’s important to let others know they’re doing better than they think.

Carve out time to encourage your fellow women entrepreneurs and:

  • Go out for a celebration coffee and give space for them to share their latest milestones! 
  • Write a note and affirm the things you admire about them.
  • Rave about them when chatting with other people.

Thankfully it’s simple to be in each other’s corners and it doesn’t take much to create ripple effects for the women entrepreneurs in our community. 

Choose one or two of the steps above and join in the real change that’s happening in our midst. 

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