Changing Your Mindset For Good

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Cass Hogan

Our entrepreneur in the spotlight this month is Cass Hogan of Fontein Coaching, a certified professional life coach who loves guiding people to experience the abundance within. Cass is also our newest Office Hours expert offering a monthly Mindset Reset clinic.

For the past three and a half years, Cass has been helping women pursue their dreams of going into business.

“My clients usually have a business idea, feel it’s time to go and pursue it, but aren’t sure where to start. The women are often going through a big life change in their career or becoming a working mum.”

A mum herself, Cass deeply relates to her clients. 

“When I became a mum, I wasn’t the type that wanted to stay home all the time. I needed something mentally stimulating and that’s why I started my business. While my child napped I would build my business. Sometimes it was only 10 to 15 minutes a day, but it all added up. I love the flexibility my business now gives me to be a mum and help others.”

Cass’s love for helping others led her to volunteer with Venture Centre as a YES (Young Enterprise Scheme) business mentor last year.

As Cass was also at a point in her business where busyness was putting digital marketing on the back burner, she chose to attend a Digital Navigation session with Kendra. 

“The session was really helpful for me and I gained tips on how to improve my social media. Having a different perspective was refreshing and removed the overwhelm of digital marketing.”

No stranger to the power of digital, Cass initially got all her clients through social media and email marketing. 

“When I first started working I thought I’d work with mums in Pāpāmoa. But now, thanks to social media and Zoom, a majority of my clients are from all over New Zealand. My digital journey showed me that you can work anywhere with anyone.”

Cass’s coaching business is all about trust so the initial connections made with her followers on social media have been a wonderful foundation for her client relationships. 

“Through digital marketing, I’m able to build trust with potential clients. My clients will usually follow me for about six months and then they’ll reach out and say, ‘Hey, I’ve been following you”. What’s cool is they seem to already have trust in me.”

Cass’s business is thriving thanks to her reputation and word of mouth referral.

“My next step is launching an online course so I can reach and help more people. I’m grateful that digital allows me to do this.”

Seeing the amazing value of Cass’s work, Venture Centre has partnered with Fontein Coaching to launch Office Hours Mindset Reset. 

Cass’s journey means she is familiar with the challenges women in business face. From work-life balance to setting healthy boundaries, Cass aspires to equip others with a winning mindset.

“A lot of my challenges, including work-life balance and boundaries, are to do with mindset. Lots of people may fail due to mindset when all they need is a few little tweaks. Thankfully, everything can be changed with your mind.”

During Office Hours Mindset Reset, a quickstart coaching session, Cass will be working with people to set them up for success with a resilient mindset. 

“We’ll take a look at their challenges and weaknesses in terms of mindset. For example, the classic challenges that come up for every single business owner - lack of motivation, imposter syndrome, or feelings of failure.”

Participants will walk away with tips and tools that will help them on their mindset journey. 

Want a mindset reset? Book a free, one-off, 45 minute Office Hours session with Fontein Coaching to clear mental blocks so you can thrive in your business. 

“I love when people feel empowered, aware that they do have what it takes. Because anything is achievable if you put your mind to it.”


Do you also want to maximise your impact with the help of digital? Complete the PoweringOn Digital Assessment here and/or book a time with our Digital Navigator to create a plan to make digital tools work for you.

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