Top Tips To Shift Your Mindset

In the midst of juggling a new venture, it’s completely human to experience mental overwhelm. 

The ever-growing to-do lists, the feelings of newness, and being continuously outside your comfort zone all contribute to moments (or seasons) of the grind being too much.

So how do we shift our mindset from overwhelm (the state of always doing) to rest (the state of being)?

Here are a few of our top tips to shift your mindset and get back into a flow that serves you.

Make time for yourself

Adding alone time to life’s already full plate may sound like an impossible task. However, the benefits of making time for yourself are worth all the effort. 

With a few simple and deliberate actions, you can work you-time into your daily routine. Creatively carve out time for yourself and:

  • Wake up 10 mins before your family to make your coffee and sit alone. 
  • Drive to work early and enjoy 10 mins of car you-time.
  • Park your car a nice walking distance from work for a peaceful solo stroll. 
  • Have your lunch break by yourself at your local park or waterfront.

Even 10-15 minutes of alone time daily will help you reconnect with yourself and your intentions. 


Another effective way of shifting your mindset is setting aside time to reflect. 

Reflection is the practice of looking back on your experiences, feelings, actions and perspectives. By intentionally looking back, you can gain perspective, recalibrate, and celebrate how well you are doing. 

With many aspects of life being out of our control, reflection can be a useful tool to acknowledge the aspects of life you can control; your mindset, attitude and choices. 

Want to cultivate the habit of reflection? Check out our blog on reflection here.

Go for a walk

Feeling stressed or mentally fatigued? Take yourself for a lovely walk.

Studies have shown that a walk can do wonders for your mental health by improving mood, reducing anxiety and even boosting your self-esteem.

Already had your alone time? Invite a friend to join you and enjoy connection time and the opportunity to chat about life.

Take a social media break

Scrolling is a common go-to activity to wind down after a big day. 

However, if you are already in need of a mindset shift, spending time looking at curated highlight reels may result in feelings of comparison.

Consuming too much social media can set the unrealistic expectation that life is amazing, all the time. And it can affirm your experience of imposter syndrome.

Shift your mindset to the present and take a social media break. Some suggestions: 

  • Stop scrolling after a certain time at night.
  • Have social media free weekends.
  • Set a time limit for each day. Apps such as Usage can help do this, locking you out of apps once your time allowance has been spent.
  • Commit to a social media detox (even a week can be refreshing).

Less time scrolling will result in you feeling present and mentally clear. 

Meet with an expert

Seeking help from an expert is a great step for fast-tracking your mindset shift. 

Experts such as counsellors, coaches or business mentors will help you step back from your thought loops and reset.

Read more: Why Do I Need A Mentor?

That’s why we’re excited about our new Office Hours 'Mindset Reset'sessions delivered by Cass Hogan from Fontein Coaching.

Cass is a certified professional life coach who strongly believes that everything we need is within us and loves giving guidance so people can experience this for themselves.

These Office Hours sessions aim to help you clear mental blocks so you can thrive, using fears you may have as a motivation to connect meaningfully with your business.

Book a free, one-off, 45 minute Office Hour session with Fontein Coaching to help you discover how to make time for yourself, so you can make time for your business. 

Ready to shift your mindset and get back into a flow that serves you? Implement one or two of the above tips today and feel present in your life and business.

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