Level Up And Move Forward

When you're in the middle of building your business, fatigue, overwhelm and lack of motivation are common side effects.

Buried deep in the doing, it can be difficult to see the patterns you’re repeating and the steps you could be taking to alleviate the stress. 

Luckily, taking simple steps can refresh your perspective, realign you with your goals and renew your sense of purpose and focus. A few of our favourites are below:

Get input from a mentor

Mentors can be a great sounding board. By simply sharing your current headspace and business circumstances, your mentor can ask questions to trigger your thinking and unleash the solutions (knowing) you have in you. 

You can read more about the benefits of having a mentor in our blog Why Do I Need A Mentor?.

Take a brain break

Creativity, including problem-solving, happens more easily when you’re relaxed. That’s why good ideas pop up when you’re on a walk or having a shower. 

Prioritise breathing room throughout your day and give your brain a chance to reboot.

Reconnect with your why

Re-energise by revisiting and meditating on why you originally started your business. Then, while in the mindset of your why, reevaluate if your current approach to your day-to-day is aligned with your overall goal. 

Maybe even brainstorm creative ways of achieving your why in ways that work better for you. 

Complete the PoweringOn Digital Assessment

Easily take stock of where you and your business are in a range of categories by answering simple questions about your current implementation of digital tools and resources.

Your answers generate a Digital Action Plan that gives you simple, targeted and personalised recommendations to improve the digital aspects of your business. 
Take the assessment here.

Meet with our Digital Navigator

Bringing her fresh take to our PoweringOn programme, Kendra’s here to help you embrace the power of digital tools to revamp your business.

Book a FREE Digital Navigation session (available fortnightly) with Kendra and walk away understanding your customised action plan, knowing what to do next.

What simple step are you going to take to push refresh? You’ve got this!

If you need further support as a business owner and entrepreneur, get in touch with our team here. Also, sign up to Venture Centre’s news and be the first to know about growth opportunities (events) you can get involved in. 


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