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Join the Venture Centre Community

At the heart of Venture Centre is our vision to build community. We curate, connect and coordinate a local entrepreneurial ecosystem with the goal of making positive change in our wider community.

For Venture Centre, creating community looks like bringing people together at events, facilitating capability building activities and experiences and supporting ventures that solve today's biggest challenges.

We’re here to activate local entrepreneurs and help you make your way and believe our community can provide:

  • A support system for entrepreneurs on their journey with a well of expertise and advice to tap into. 
  • Opportunities to collaborate and connect with like-minded people.
  • A sense of belonging.
  • Easy and affordable access to resources and knowledge to build entrepreneurial capability. 

Because change at an individual level creates rippling effects in the much bigger picture. 

Great! You want to get involved.

Our community is built with help from the like-minded entrepreneurs within it. Want to collaborate and be part of something bigger than you? 

Some easy ways you can get involved:

  • Participate in our variety of events
  • Volunteer to help run an event
  • Share your knowledge by
    • Hosting an event
    • Facilitating a workshop on your area of expertise
    • Signing up as a mentor eg. Young Enterprise Scheme or Startup Weekend
  • Pursue your own connections within the community eg. meeting for coffee with someone to hear their story 

You have an epic picnic basket of experience, knowledge and heart to bring to the table and we want to collaborate with you. We’re excited to have you!

Desire to develop connections within the Venture Centre community? Sign up to Venture Centre’s news and be the first to know about growth opportunities (events) you can get involved in. 


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