Why Do I Need A Mentor?

The key to streamlining your growth process

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, confusing and challenging. Especially when tapping into your potential is this vague concept, rather than a laid out path. 

Because, we all have potential. So how can we unlock it? 

One of our favourite ways to unlock potential at Venture Centre is connecting with our community’s wealth of expertise and kindness by seeking out a mentor (or two).  

Seeking out a mentor may be new to you and it’s ok if it feels unattainable and ambiguous. Continue reading for insight that can help make the process feel less daunting and give you the nudge you need in the mentoring direction.
What is mentoring?
Slightly less structured and more personal than coaching, your mentor is someone who believes in you and will come alongside you in your entrepreneurial journey.
Mentoring is about relationship, trust, and connection. It’s your opportunity to take your challenges and vision to someone who will listen, ask probing questions and help you evolve into your best self by championing your strengths and guiding you past your weaknesses and blindspots. 
You can read more from the perspective of a mentor here (our recent chat with Maria).

When do I need a mentor?

What if we told you that you can avoid the long road and get to your goalposts more quickly?
Streamlining the growth process is possible with a mentor who, in a high trust environment, can ask you questions to trigger your thinking and unleash the solutions (knowing) you have in you. 
You’re in a great spot to seek out a mentor if: 

  • You desire growth
  • You’re open to insight and input from a trusted person
  • You want the wisdom of someone who’s been where you are and is where you want to be 
  • You’re feeling unsure of your next step in your entrepreneurial journey
  • You're wanting to avoid the pain of spending precious time and resources trying to figure it all out by yourself

So I want a mentor, how do I find one? 

Great! You’re already part of the way there! You’ve acknowledged your need for a mentor and the areas you want to be mentored in. 
Here are a few tips to help you seek out your mentor:

  • Identify someone you feel like you could learn from (you see success in their life that you wish to have too). 
  • Ask them out for an initial coffee to learn more about them and hear their story
  • Ask them if they would be open to meeting regularly. If yes, set the date and time for your first meeting.

Building relationship and trust with a mentor will take time, but the investment’s worth it for exponential return. Here’s to unlocking our potential, so we’re able to make our greatest impact!

Keen to explore ways to connect with a mentor? Contact us here. Want to connect into Venture Centre’s community and increase your chances to 'bump into' your mentor? Sign up to Venture Centre’s news and be the first to know about growth opportunities (events) you can get involved in.


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