The future of business is digital, is yours?

Just because digital tools are here to help doesn’t mean understanding and implementing is a guaranteed walk in the park.

Even the tech-savviest of us find ourselves in the beginner stages when learning a new digital tool. Whether it's starting out or becoming familiar with the latest app or upgrade, you're allowed to want digital tools to make life easier (not more stressful). 

You’re in the majority (97% of small businesses in Aotearoa) if you list any of the following as barriers to using digital resources:

  • Not knowing what to implement
  • Cost to implement
  • Difficulty finding the right skills
  • Difficulty finding relevant services
  • Lack of resources, knowledge and understanding

Enter PoweringOn, created to help you address these challenges with practical knowledge, tailored support, talent matching and digital resources.

So what’s your next effortless step in the digital direction? The PoweringOn Digital Assessment.

Take stock of where you and your business are in a range of categories by answering simple questions about your current implementation of digital tools and resources. A few example categories are:

Website - Assess the strength of your online presence. Discover how a website can improve customer experiences and build new business.

Social Media - Assess your use of social media and digital advertising platforms. Discover how digital marketing could help achieve your business goals.

Your answers generate a Digital Action Plan - simple, targeted and personalised recommendations based on the answers you give. You also receive the resources and tools needed to move toward each recommendation. 

Complete a recommendation? Track your progress by ticking off each recommendation as you implement it. You can even forward the plan to yourself for easy reference or to share with your team.

Want an expert to help you implement your Digital Action Plan? Book a Digital Navigation session (available weekly). You’ll walk away understanding your customised action plan, having got the quick wins done and a realistic plan for your next action steps.

You deserve a win (or ten!) in the digital arena of your business! 

Take the PoweringOn Digital Assessment today.


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