2021, the year Tauranga’s Long-term Plan can become future-focused and community-led

As an entrepreneurial community we are pre-disposed to finding problems that spark our curiosity and get us doing everything we can do to find new ways to make things better for everyone. It’s the way we’re wired.

However, as entrepreneurs, our voices have seldom been heard, and our entrepreneurial needs — so that we can bring a diversity of alternate ways of solving problems to light — have been under-represented and mis-understood.

This year, the new governance at Council have signalled new thinking is critical. That’s your cue!

Change doesn’t happen from the spectator’s seat in the gallery; it happens when we garner creativity and embrace new thinking. Venture Centre’s team believe there is a genuine opportunity this year. Let's blend the values, vision, experience and talent of the entrepreneurial community with that of Council and help them see things from new perspectives. Bring diversity of thinking — and doing — to our cities critical institution. Share with them all the work you have all been doing to make our city, and region a place to thrive for generations.
With your support, we are planning what engagement might look like in the support of Tauranga City Council’s Long Term Plan. 

How might we… working together with our public servants begin to address some of the problems our city faces in new ways. We know now, more than ever it’s true that if, as a city, we keep doing what we’ve always done, we’ll always get what we’ve always had!

What this means for you

We would like to know how much you would like to be involved in the consultations TCC are setting up and the chats we are planning. 

Are you up for answering a few questionnaires and perhaps attending a meeting or two? 

Do you have time, energy and tenacity to contribute to the collective brainpower which will help make our city the best it can be?

Do you want to be active, attend online meetings and engage in surveys? 

Do you want to be kept aware by email or online? Or do you want to be latent; totally left out of all of it?
We all have businesses, ventures, projects, enterprises to run so sometimes the politics of government has to take a back seat. We know how important it is right now to focus on the stuff that keeps everything running and employees in work. We just want you to tell us how you want to engage. 

We’ll deal with the process so you don’t get sucked into the system and distracted from the everyday crucial work at hand. 

Let us know how you want to engage here (there are only 3 questions, it will take less than a minute to tell us!)


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