Lenz has been part of the Startup scene since the first .com bubble back in the late 90s. And still doing it.

Back then he was still in Europe, today he is based in the southern alps and runs globally successful startups from there.

Iwantmyname is currently his largest business: bootstrapped out of a spare bedroom in Wellington it is a global player in the domain industry today.

Lenz is an old school hacker but running companies and helping startups made him a person that can help you in many ways. His large networks help you find the right person to talk to even on a weekend.

And Lenz sees Startup Weekends as an amazing opportunity to try things out, to pitch an idea in a very welcoming environment and see how people react to it.

He describes Tauranga Startup Weekend as 'the best way to find people you need for your team as you can work with them for a weekend without any strings attached.' And he adds 'I have seen many teams emerge from ex-SW teams that go on to do amazing things. If you are not sure if this whole business thing is for you, give Startup Weekend a shot, no such opportunity will come any cheaper or more convenient.'

Come and meet Lenz and other fab business mentors on September 23-25 - Secure your spot here


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