"The chance to try a new way of looking at the world" #TGASW16

Written by SWTeam

Sam is Tauranga raised and he is back in town and keen to share a ton of entrepreneurial know-how, honed both nationally and internationally.

Tell us a bit about your dealings with the entrepreneurial world so far …

I knew from a young age that I wanted to build and own businesses. Growing up in my parent’s accounting firm here in Tauranga exposed me to lots of different industries, types of companies and the people who run them. I went on to study entrepreneurship at university but I have learned more outside the classroom than inside it. Sometimes you have to crash and burn to learn the really valuable lessons.  I am proud of my work creating the Lightning Lab accelerator programme. However, I am humbled by how my thinking on the process of creating startups has changed since then. I love Business Admin and Operations (“the business of business”) with a particular focus on how software and hardware can improve the efficiency of businesses in traditional industries. My massive piece of advice for entrepreneurs is that “bigger is not always better”.

Tell us a bit about why and how you can help Tauranga's Startup Weekend participants?

My favourite part of helping people start a business is identifying the underlying customer problem. Energy we invest in doing a good job of this upfront solves so many problems down the line. 

My other areas of expertise are: Developing that first prototype (you know, the really early one you are so embarrassed of and too mortified to show an actual customer ... but we will) to test a solution. Working on the broader business model - how your product fits into your business Crafting and delivering the pitch. Every pitch is a story and I love telling stories.

Tell us a bit about why you think TGASW is a good thing?

Why should someone who has been thinking about a business idea go to Tauranga Startup Weekend? 

The world is made up of employees and employers. We need both, but I think employers have more fun. TGASW is not only an opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills and build a business but the chance to try a new way of looking at the world - through the eyes of people that create something out of nothing.

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