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Founder of digital agency Syntropics Aimee leaves Wellington for the weekend to come to Tauranga and share her keen interest in getting people started

Aimee is bringing with her communications and business processes expertise. Here's why she will be part of Tauranga Startup Weekend as mentor this year:

Tell us a bit about your dealings with the entrepreneurial world so far?

I’ve worked as a management consultant, market researcher, professional science/tech/government communicator, service design consultant and event wrangler in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and New Zealand.  I think the most important thing for entrepreneurs to figure out is when to stop. Perseverance is key if one wants to succeed, but too many people get caught up in the sunk costs fallacy.   

Tell us a bit about why and how you can help Tauranga Startup Weekend participants?

I’ve got a wide range of networks across New Zealand and internationally. My background in communication, market research and business strategy means I’ll be able (hopefully!) to provide some useful perspectives and tools. And I can definitely help people hone their pitch.

Tell us a bit about why you think TGASW is a good thing? 

It’s a great opportunity to learn new skills, including how to get amazing amounts done under huge stress! Anyone who’s been thinking of starting their own business can only benefit from the experience.

Come and meet Aimee and other fab business mentors on September 23-25 - Secure your spot here


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