How cool is that? Tauranga Startup Weekend is welcoming Pauli Sosa, Startup Weekend Community Leader and Global Facilitator as co-facilitator of its 2016 edition!

You know about the mentors who will be helping the teams, so who are the facilitators and what is their role?

The role of the facilitators is not only to support the local organising team before, during and after the event, it is also to weave in all its elements and ensure it leaves a lasting impression on the participants. Their goal is to create a seamless flow to ensure participants move their projects along from idea to business concept in a supportive environment.

And with Startup Weekend events being held the world over every weekend, Pauli, who is Argentinian, is bringing an international flavour to Tauranga to enhance the participants experience one more notch, by tying our local event to the global scene it is part of!

This is what Pauli has got to say - just relax and enjoy her enthusiasm!

"I am a Startup Weekend lover!

I became familiar with Startup Weekend in 2012 as a participant of the first edition which took place in my city, Córdoba (Argentina)

There I became a member of the team which turned out to be the winner of the first place! Later on that year I was asked to join the organising team of SW Córdoba. We have achieved six editions in Córdoba.

When I decided to move to New Zealand I contacted the local organising team. And I have been a proud member of the Startup Weekend Auckland team since then.

So now I have been part of SEVENTEEN Startup Weekend around Latin America and New Zealand either as organiser or facilitator.

What I love about Startup Weekend? It is the ENERGY - soooo addictive and contagious! :-)

Startup Weekend generates a change; it motivates people to change the world. It has definitely done it to me!

And in every edition I have in, I have seen dozens of people who are looking for ways to pass on what they have gained after that experience.

That is unique and I'm so grateful to be a part of it."

Come and meet Pauli and the team on September 23-25 - Secure your spot here


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