'The catalyst to help your idea become that life-changing reality" #tgasw16

Written by SWTeam

When a Chartered Accountant tells you TGASW is a good thing, you stop and listen!

KPMG Senior Manager Mike Barton has chosen to join the team as a mentor on September 23 and this is gold. #hint: Be sure to hit Mike when working out your business concept viability to wow the Judges on Sunday night.

Mike too got 'submitted' to our Q&A and here is what is got to say:

Tell us a bit about your dealings with the entrepreneurial world so far Mike?

I have experience in financial advisory and compliance touching on many markets and sectors, including Agribusiness. 

What’s the most financially and/or socially successful thing you’ve done?

Holding a governance role during a period of significant growth and change of the Restorative Justice Trust 

What is the most important thing that you think entrepreneurs should know?

Play to your own strengths and accept the need to surround yourself with a diverse group of others who are strong in their own complementary ways who can move your ideas and business to the next level faster. 

What are the elements of helping people start a business that get you most excited?

Helping to understand the value proposition of the solution, and how the combination of the business underlying cost base and revenue streams interact in the short and long term. 

How can you help Tauranga's Startup Weekend participants?

Advice on anything financial including forecasting, revenue modelling, and data analysis. Looking at problems and solutions from a different perspective, and playing devils advocate with ideas and strategy. 

Why do you think TGASW is a good thing?

It’s a great idea that encourages those with ideas to consider how to develop them into viable and sustainable businesses - which in turn can give those businesses an ability to shakeup the business and social environment locally, nationally or even internationally in due course. 

Why should someone who has been thinking about a business idea come to Tauranga Startup Weekend?

Turning an idea into a reality could be life-changing for you and others - and in a world becoming even more open to positive disruption and change, TGASW could easily be the catalyst to help your idea become that life-changing reality.

Come and meet Mike and other fab business mentors on September 23-25 - Secure your spot here


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