“Good wifi and good food” are must-have ingredients for Startup Weekend secret sauce … 

Mike has seen his fair share of Startup Weekend events and he swears by these two elements! 

It is awesome to welcome back Mike Zeff, well-respected entrepreneur and tech consultant, as facilitator of our September event.

Integrating technology into a business can make it fly. And Mike knows how.

He also knows how to bind organisation, mentoring and the crowd energy levels with stable wifi and plenty of food to help deliver an experience participants will remember

Mike has been actively involved in the startup community in various roles.  He is one of five entrepreneurs who together launched Startup Weekend New Zealand with a very first event in 2011.  Mike remains to date an active member of the National Organising Committee. 

Here is why he’s still in… 

"I've been involved with Startup Weekend since the first one in April 2011. I've lost count of how many I've been to but every one is different and rewarding.  I love watching the range of emotions participants go through over the weekend from the excitement of Friday night team forming to the nervousness just prior to Sunday night pitches.   But my favourite thing about Startup Weekend is Sunday night, after all the pitches and presentations are done, when people realise what they've achieved in a weekend.  They know they're a different person to the one who arrived on Friday and they realise it's going to be tough to go back to normal work on Monday.   The skills participants learn in a weekend are applicable everywhere, not just in startups.  Startup Weekends change lives and I love being able to contribute to that in a small way.   I'm very lucky to have met a lot of great participants, mentors and organisers through Startup Weekend and I know there is no other experience out there like it.    I'm very excited to be back for my 3rd Startup Weekend Tauranga" 

And so are we!

Come and meet Mike and the team on September 23-25 - Secure your spot here


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