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Sam is not only co-founder of NZ based legal software company lawvu.com, he's mentored at over fifteen Startup Weekend events ... and counting!

Sam Kidd returned to New Zealand from Ireland in 2013 where his passion for start-ups began. He is now a co-founder of lawvu.com,  a legal instruction and management system that enables organisations to give clear consistent instructions, then enables them to manage the matters, capture spend, and view activity on any matter, anytime.

It is fab to welcome Sam back at Tauranga Startup Weekend, and he's kindly got into the spirit when 'submitted' to our questions to help participants get to know mentors ahead of the event:

"I’ve been self-employed since 1999, and I have been involved in a diverse range of businesses from retail and food through to technology.

I was part of the team at teamwork.com in Ireland where I spent seven years going on the incredible start-up journey.

Since returning to NZ I have gotten involved in the amazing startup scene here.  I have mentored at over fifteen Startup weekend events throughout New Zealand.

I’m also an active member of the Enterprise Angels network in Tauranga as an early stage investor. I’m also an investor director in the amazing online accountancy beany.com 

Tell us a bit about your adventures in the entrepreneurial world so far?

I have started and been involved in a large number of businesses since I left school in the late 90’s. I’ve enjoyed both failure and success and I’ve worked in a diverse range of businesses from video production to internet cafes, restaurants and web development right through to the large SaaS organisation. 

What are the elements of starting up a business that get you most excited? 

It’s the whole process really that excites me. The idea of creating something from nothing is a thrill. Going from market validation to developing a product to getting that first customer are all such big milestones and such exciting times.  The building out of a team on the basis of just a dream and an idea and then getting other people excited about buying into the same dream is one of the coolest things about the startup journey and one of the areas I love the most. 

Then there are of course the risks and potential rewards that go with this type of lifestyle that are both exciting and terrifying, but this is exactly what keeps the heart pumping and keeps me pushing towards that next goal each day.  In the end, I would always rather take the risk and fail than to have never tried at all. 

What is the most important thing that you think entrepreneurs should know? 

You are only as good as your team. Know your own weaknesses and empower your team. 

How can you help Tauranga's Startup Weekend participants? 

I can help teams with identifying an opportunity and working out a number of different business models for an idea to see what the best option may be. Often people get confused with who the user is and who their customer is.  Also when teams are completely immersed in an idea it can be good to just lift the head for two seconds and do a sanity check, so I’m always available to help with this. 

Why should someone who has been thinking about a business idea go to Tauranga Startup Weekend? 

Startup weekends are really like a super crash course in starting up a business. I can’t recommend the weekends highly enough to people that are looking to give the entrepreneurial world a go. You learn so much about yourself along with getting an great understandings of what challenges may lie ahead as well as what pitfalls to try and avoid. Plus you meet an amazing group of people some of which may become life long friends and some may even become future business partners."

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