What is it with the Startup Weekend Pitch?

Written by SWTeam

Actually we are talking PitchES …

Pitches on Friday night

Pitches on Friday night will be in a "pitch-fire" format, which means you will have just 60 seconds to get the audience interested in your idea.  You will have no slides or props -just your voice.  You won't have time to go over features, so just focus on the core of the idea and make your enthusiasm contagious.

Here is the format for pitches that we recommend:

  • Who are you and what is your background? (5-10 Seconds)
  • What is the problem that your product is solving? Or, begin with a story (10-20 Seconds)
  • Explain the product and how it solves the problem (10-20 seconds)
  • Who do you need on your team (a developer, marketing, a project manager, a designer?) (5-10 seconds)
  • Finally, make up a name for your startup idea  

Pitches on Sunday night

Pitches on Sunday night are in front of a panel of four judges. You will have five minutes to convince the Judges your business idea is the best

With your team, you will have created a slide deck that will demonstrate

  • you are addressing the Judging Criteria: Customer Validation / Execution & Design / Business Viability These are you key messages
  • you can hook your audience with a story, a demo and some visuals
  • you know your audience (read up about the Judges for instance)
  • you are convincing: it’s the time to communicate your energy and passion!
  • you can use simple language to share your passion
  • you are an awesome team  

At the end of the pitch, the Judges will have five minutes to ask you questions about your business concept. 

Tip #1 - Each team will receive feedback from the Judges. Good to listen and time to thank them!  

Tip #2 - Watch your time: 1min on Friday night and 5min on Sunday night that’s all there is. You will be clapped off if you run over time! 

Tip #3 - There are schedules pitch practices at the weekend. Your team will receive feedback from the mentors, and you will get opportunities to nail it before Pitch Time 

Tip #4 - Talk from the heart: by Sunday, you will have given your idea all your might!  Give it a go because you can never go wrong with a heartfelt pitch!



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