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Super Power TeamWhoSuperpowers
Expert trepMaria Stockman 
market analysis, process, prototyping, customer/end user needs

Sam Kidd business model, prototype, sanity check, teamwork

Sam Bonneydeveloping prototype, product fit into business model, crafting and delivering pitch
CommsErika Harveymarket validation, identifying true value proposition, creating a solid PowerPoint

Aimee Whitcroft 
communications, market research, business strategy, pitch perfecting

Liz Wooddesign, marketing, websites, process, prototyping, customer/end user needs
Geek SquadLenz Gschwendtner hacker, technical/digital strategies, outside connections

Alistair Scarfeengineering, solving challenges using automation – advanced computer based design, embedded control systems and modern manufacturing processes

Tim Uckunsuper geek, data analysis, digital/technical strategies, possibilities
Ms. Money PennyLauren Garrityfinancial forecasting, revenue modelling, data analysis
Mr. Money PennyMike Bartonfinancial forecasting, revenue modelling, data analysis
Pitch BossCarl Jonesinternational market perspective/opportunties, defining and distilling the value proposition, pitching, financial realism
ConnectorsTina Jennenvalue/supply chain, delegation, connections

Kim Hillpersonal mentoring, identifying individual strengths and weaknesses, JIT resources, personal motivation strategies, connections


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