Judge Craig Wearne expects to see passion and belief

When Tauranga-based investor and entrepreneur Craig Wearne first started on this path, he admits it took lots of mistakes and some good decisions to get better at it!

Tell us a bit about your adventures in the entrepreneurial world so far Craig ...

I didn't do well in school, nor did I finish my polytech studies yet I am big believer in education. So being 21, under educated with an over inflated belief in myself and my worth, entrepreneur was the obvious step and initially I wasn't very good at that either.

After a lot of mistakes and a few good decisions I now have an Architectural Drafting and Steel Frame Manufacturing businesses in New Zealand and quantity surveying businesses in New Zealand, Australia and indonesia.

I am an active investor with Enterprise Angels investing in other peoples startups and also invest individually in other startups.

What are the elements of starting up a business that get you most excited? 

I would say growth is the most exciting element of any business not just a startup. This may be growth in turnover, growth in staff, both numbers and ability. Growth in knowledge and of course profit. Growth can be achieved in many ways but I enjoy growing with added efficiency and value added products and services.

What is the most important thing that you think entrepreneurs should know? 

Have a grand plan but set achievable small goals. The grand plan can sometimes be a moving target but that shouldn't be disheartening as setting small goals allows you to reset and refocus.

What ideas would you like to see from Tauranga's Startup Weekend participants? 

I would like to see ideas that enable a product to be developed in Tauranga for the global market, something that provides opportunities for a skilled workforce. Failing that, anything. The more weird and wonderful the better. That one great idea that I wish I had come up with myself.

What is the critical piece of the startup pitch that participants need to nail to capture your interest? 

Sell me the dream. Show me your passion and belief. You'll do this by understanding your product, your market and your opposition.

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