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Meet the Tauranga City Council Candidates at Tauranga Startup Weekend

Erika Harvey, Heidi Hughes, Suzi Paige, and A.J. Tuhoro, are all out to turn around Tauranga city in the upcoming council election. Tackling Tauranga’s tensions needs to be done by the roots, addressing the underlying problems which Tauranga is experiencing in order to generate a positive and community within Tauranga, stimulating community and individual wellbeing.

Erika Harvey believes that with the support of creativity, collaboration, business acuity and heart, Tauranga city council is able to be redesigned, to start addressing Tauranga city's problems and strategising a solution of transparency that drives accountability and ensures Tauranga is spending money where it matters most.

Heidi Hughes, a practical problem solver with a background in Sustainable Practice is focusing on Tauranga’s growing issue of congestion, with the aim to develop a multi-modal transport network that supports Tauranga’s population health and well-being, while ensuring future generations thrive.

Suzi Paige, with a desire to facilitate community connections within Tauranga to stimulate a vibrant, thriving and diverse city, throughout communities and individuals across Tauranga. With the large subject of climate change, strong, visionary leaders are what Tauranga is in need of to nurture the future of the city, environment and population.

A.J. Tuhoro, with a centralisation of whanau and connectedness, aims to facilitate the building of Tauranga to be a collective family unit with a greater sense of community. By focusing on improving Tauranga city for future generations, and our current generation finding joy in the journey, Tauranga is able to be developed to be the number one destination to raise a family.

Collectively, the Tauranga City Council candidates have come together to attend Startup Weekend 2019, to build a stronger, more resilient community, to begin pathing the way to a brighter future for Tauranga.

#TGASW Team: CoCo
Bringing transparency to council projects

Tauranga’s 2019 Startup Weekend is taking on the seventeen sustainable development goals, address global problems and challenges surrounding sustainability. Pitching local solutions developing ideas into concepts, and work on solutions for the good of our people and planet..all over the course of a single weekend!

This weekend would not be able to be a success without the support of our sponsors:

Photos by: James Oliver  &  Salina Galvan Photography


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