In just six months Victoria Hodge, the entrepreneur who began her enterprising journey at Tauranga Startup Weekend 2014, has built a product and a business around her idea to help rural communities including growers and their neighbours to work together better.

Having already secured the first customers Seespray now want to hear from other growers who spray their orchards, hate paperwork and data entry, and think notifying neighbours about spraying could be easier.

Bay of Plenty technology company Seespray have, with support from Venture Centre and some of the team who joined her at Startup weekend, built an online platform where growers can manage, track, notify and record all their spray operations from start to finish. Victoria Hodge, founder of Seespray describes it as “a mashup of a spray plan, spray diary and a notification platform that will save growers and sprayers time and money”.

Seespray had a vision of a solution that would make use of technology, create value for growers, be easy to use, and at the same time deliver timely, relative and practical information to communities, so they can make informed decisions for their families and property.

With support from Venture Centre’s team and associates Seespray are now almost ready for their official launch, but want to offer a limited number of users the chance to get on board now.

Growers who sign up before 31 July will enjoy heavily discounted subscriptions, ongoing priority access to new features, one on one training, and more. They may even qualify for a free hardware kit, which includes an iPad mini.

Seespray suits any growing business, from large management companies to private growers, private sprayers to employees and contractors. Victoria can show you how simple it is to integrate Seespray into your business.

Contact Victoria to find out more 0211346890 or email info@seespray.nz.


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