Last week a whole new set of local entrepreneurs started the CO.STARTERS course. The course is nine weeks of sessions which encourage participants to thoroughly test and validate their ideas, under the watchful eye of experienced facilitators. We spoke to one of the newest recruits, Jess, about her business - Tribe of Daughters.

How and why did you start Tribe of Daughters?

My sister and I started Tribe of Daughters when we couldn't find any relatable resources which featured girls in action sports for my nieces. My sister, who is an Early Childhood Development Professor, decided to create her own children's books which showcase girls as the main character. She came to me with the idea and together we launched Tribe of Daughters in January of last year.

What are your aims with the series?

Our aim is to empower more girls to get involved in action sports and continue to build an international community which shares this same mission.

Why did you decide to do CO.STARTERS and what are you hoping to get out of it?

I decided to join CO.STARTERS because our business is growing steadily and I want to ensure that, before we get any bigger, we are nailing the basics of business and have a sustainable business plan put in place. I'm quite new to the entrepreneurial space and know that having a mentor over the next nine weeks will be crucial to taking our business to the next level, especially as we go into our first round of crowdfunding come May!

Your business is run from the United States, but you’re based here in the Bay. How does that work?

Yes, so our business is based out of the US (where my sister lives) and I run it from the Bay. While I manage all of our online presence, from sales platforms to social media, my sister manages the order fulfillment and retail sales. It can be very challenging when your business partner is in a different timezone. Throw in raising two small girls and working a full-time job and you can imagine just how challenging it is to get hold of one another!

Facebook messenger and emails are our saving grace, as far as communication goes. We try to check in every other day or so and have brainstorm sessions every few weeks to ensure we're still moving forward and keeping momentum!

We can’t wait to see what Jess achieves through the CO.STARTERS programme and will keep you updated in future.

You can learn more about Tribe of Daughters and their mission at www.tribeofdaughters.com and for daily girl power inspo follow them on instagram @tribeofdaughters

To join the next round of CO.STARTERS, click here.

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