In the same amount of time, I started up a new business with a team of strangers … and more than 210,000 others have done the same all over the world.

While there are many reasons to join this growing number (see the blog 7 reasons why you should come to TGASW), here is a more personal story on why I have participated in Startup Weekend not once, but twice.

But first, for those of you who don’t know Start Weekend, here’s the gist of it: 54 hours of networking, discovering, and developing an idea into a startup venture to pitch to judges. Got it? Want to sign up? Awesome, do so here.

Still not sold? It’s okay, here are my reasons why I’ll always come back to Startup Weekend …

1. The People
While cliché, the people are what make any event great. From meeting other like-minded participants, to being mentored by disruptive entrepreneurs, to getting caught in the infectious enthusiasm from facilitators and crew… there were a lot of awesome people at Startup Weekend that have supported and created a safe environment for me to grow. Which leads me to my next point …

2. I got the chance to go out of my comfort zone… in a safe environment
Overcoming one’s limits can sound scary but I can now say it is a necessary step to self-improvement. Startup Weekend is all about doing that while being surrounded by the best possible environment for growth. Muck up your pitch? We’ve all been there… so I found another idea to join in with. Hard to speak out to your team? The mentors help so that everyone is open to new ideas. After all, we all want to make the best possible decision to move our concept forward!

3. Even though my team didn’t continue our startup, I still have a method to follow
Startup Weekend wasn’t about coming up with an instantaneously successful Startup just so I could quit my job on Monday. It was about learning a method that I can apply to not only startup ventures but also initiatives and projects.

4.Good food
Had to add that in. Come and you’ll see.

5. My mindset changed … for the better
Going back to work on Monday WAS hard! It was like I was suddenly wearing startup glasses that change the way I see the world. I started looking for problems to solve in bizarre situations and now am constantly thinking of new ventures to startup … and I know I can actually do it too.

6. You can make an impact
It is called Tauranga Startup Weekend | Impact for a reason. The startup my team worked on could have been the change I wanted to see in the local community or even in the world.

7. For lots of FUN!
Startup Weekend is a fast-paced, excitement-packed event where I didn’t have time to be bored! Trust me on that.

Have I succeeded in convincing you? Yay! Come and join the Startup Family at this year’s Tauranga Startup Weekend by clicking here. If not, you can still get a taste of what Startup Weekend is about at the Entrepreneurs Everywhere meetup, or come to see the end result of the weekend at the pitches happening on Sunday night. It’s free and all you have to is let us know you are
coming here.

Taking that first step is the hardest but what follows is worth it. Without a doubt.


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