Business at library event hero image
Business at library event hero image

This month Business at the Library focuses firmly on the future for Tauranga’s youth, how you can help them be successful, and the support available in our community.

Venture Centre is invited to lead a conversation about Youth and Entrepreneuship on Tuesday 14 March, as a Business at the Library event.

As parents, we’re always on the lookout for ways to prepare a happy, healthy, and successful future for our children. From worrying about school options and after-school snacks, to homework or sports, each of us considers carefully each decision we make.   Then we realise that the future isn’t going to look like the past – and the decisions we are making are based on old information we have about the world as we experienced it, not as it is and will be. 

In a recent talk facilitated by Priority One, New Zealand sociologist, Professor Paul Spoonley presented evidence that 50%+ of current jobs will be gone in 10 years. They will be replaced by digital products and services automated and powered by artificial intelligence and robotics. (see presentation at this link )

Economic Development Minister Simon Bridges riding in an autonomous car here in Tauranga last year shows how fast and how close digital automation is to our everyday lives. (Read article here)

So, how will you and your children thrive in a digital, entrepreneurial economy?  Tauranga City Council and Western Bay District Council have together funded a digital and entrepreneurial development project, being implemented by Venture Centre and its partners to ensure our community, including our children, all thrive in this decade and beyond. 

What does this mean for you and your children now?

  • There is a pathway for the development of digital and entrepreneurial skills of young people in Tauranga and Western Bay.
  • There is support for you to help install a spirit of entrepreneurship from early on in life
  • There are learn by doing events, activities and awards which provide the tools and skills youth need to transition into adulthood in this changing, technologically enabled world. 

The experts agree: to succeed our children need to be creative thinkers, tinkerers, to wonder, ponder and be able to apply their insights and inventions with a new swag of skills. What we call that "human spark," that ability to create, dream, and connect, is our secret sauce that future-proofs our kids ability to learn and earn in the future. Digital and entrepreneurial skills will help them create value with those sparks. Solve problems. Make life easier, better for someone and get paid for doing so. 

The Business at the Library is one way to find out how you can support your children future and get your kids involved. 


  • How to access learn-by-doing events, workshops, programmes and activities your young people will love.
  • Opportunities to share your time to become a young persons business coach or mentor. 
  • How to start a project with your young person.
  • Opportunity for you to share your personal business story and lessons learnt in the school of life.


Business at the Library
Tauranga City Libraries
Willow Street Tauranga
March 14 2017

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