YES Alumni Andraya explains how Mashup can help you for the YES pitches coming up in June.

Any business pitch can be nerve wracking and if it is your first time doing one it’s easy to feel uncertain about a lot of things … there’s lots to consider from content to visuals to speaking. But all the more reason you should consider doing Mashup!

Mashup is a free weekend event where you work on clarifying and developing your YES Team’s idea that on Sunday, you’ll pitch to a panel of judges. It can essentially be a practice for your team’s pitch! Except you’ll gain good feedback on what to do for the actual YES pitch.

Along with that, you will learn about:

  • The structure and key points that need to be included in a business pitch
  • New resources such as the ICED canvas that can help you clearly define key pitch points.
  • How to present and what are useful elements (e.g. product displays).

And you will get a chance to:

  • Have mentors on hand to give you tips on your content, slides, and presentation.
  • Experience mini workshops to help you in any areas your team is unsure about.
  • Pitch to judges who are unfamiliar with your product (just as the YES Pitch judges will be).
  • Practise responding to after-pitch questions.
  • Win up to $500 additional capital for your team.

So sign up your YES Team here to improve your business idea, pitch presentation, and your chances at the Young Enterprise Scheme Pitches!

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Mashup is about empowering the next generation to start up impactful ideas that they’re passionate about so that youth can realize just how big of a role they can play in making positive change. This is a free community event run by Venture Centre as part of the MADVentures programmes and is supported and sponsored by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

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