Coworking has become an important component of a connected and collaborative business landscape in towns and cities across New Zealand

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These spaces are key to the growth of New Zealand’s entrepreneurial culture. They lower the tangible and intangible cost of setting up a business, provide space where connections can be made, a place in the ecosystem to be claimed, and the front end of innovation – the ideation, team building and cross pollination of knowledge and expertise – to happen. 

Tauranga has been keeping pace with the phenomena boasting five cowork spaces in Tauranga and Mount Maunganui alone. 

Recognising the key role these community spaces, and the leaders that create and manage them, play Venture Centre, the Tauranga’s entrepreneurial hub, which owns and runs Basestation – technology and communications coworking space has organised New Zealand’s first CoWorkHui.

CoworkHui, taking place on October 29th will be hosted at Basestation and facilitated by Venture Centre with sponsorship from Priority One. It will bring together owners, managers and residents involved in the running of coworking spaces and people interested in the phenomenon coworking is from all over the country. 

The event is designed to be an opportunity to open source collective intelligence and understand the needs of the freelancers, remote workers, SME owners, staff and startup founding teams in these spaces – all engines of the creative economy we aspire to foster in New Zealand. The aim, to discover community solutions to cowork challenges and leverage the competitive advantages these spaces provide to their business communities, and to each other.

Here at Venture Centre we are pleased to be able to develop and run this innovative, creative, business building event to which coworkers from Wanaka to Whangarei have already signed up.

We hope gathering this peer-group of community minded people together will answer questions for us all, such as "What's working and why?” Are other coworking spaces actively building community, defining a specific culture, supporting community projects, hearing and working to solve community issues? Are they contributing to New Zealand’s entrepreneurial culture? Do cowork spaces have a role in helping New Zealanders flourish?

If you’d like to join us it’s is a ‘pay what you want’ gathering to ensure most can attend, as we understand a weekend in sunny Tauranga in good company is both a drawcard and a bit of a travel expense :-)

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Check out the agenda here http://coworkhui.nz/


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