How can digital democracy can make dealing with government easier, quicker, more efficient? Learn how Horizon State is tackling a key roadblock – voting – and what that means for dealing with other decisions government makes on your behalf.

One way digital tools are being used to improve democracy is through something called blockchain. For the uninitiated, Forbes magazine describes blockchain as a public register where transactions between two users belonging to the same network are stored in a secure, verifiable and permanent way.

Data relating to exchanges are saved inside an endless chain of data blocks allowing users to trace and verify transactions. One of the advantages of blockchain is its degree of security.

Experts say once a transaction is certified and saved within one of the chain blocks, it can no longer be modified or tampered with.

Nimo Namaani, co-founder of Horizon State, will visit Tauranga on the 29th of June to explain how blockchains are being used to improve democratic processes around the world at the Blockchain for Business meetup. Horizon State uses blockchain technology to redesign the way opinion is solicited from communities (including business communities), how votes are cast, and decisions are made.

They’ve created a digital ballot box which cannot be hacked, ensuring fair representation, and it is many multiples cheaper to run than traditional voting processes. Horizon State’s technology underpins the world’s firstpublic  blockchain-based voting system in wide use.

Come to the Blockchain for Business meetup on June 29th hosted by Venture Centre hear and talk with Nimo from Horizon State about how your business interests may be fairly represented in the future by adopting digital technology.

Book your place at http://clik.vc/digitaldemocracy

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