Youth coding with recycled hardware - Photo: Venture Centre
Youth coding with recycled hardware

Photo: Venture Centre

How might we deliver more digital and entrepreneurial youth programmes, further and in more diverse places in our community?

This is one question Venture Centre have been actively seeking answers to over the last two years.

On the one hand, fibre, 4g and ultrafast broadband are becoming more available in our region. On the other, there is also a plethora of engaging free or low cost initiatives, some curated by Venture Centre as part of the MADVentures programmes and plenty other tech skills initiatives led by amazing organisations.

There is often one piece missing: the hardware needed to leverage the connectivity into a learning opportunity enhancing the digital capability and aspiration of our young people, wherever they are.

Enters Digital Wings, a programme initiated by computer recyclers RemarkIT Solutions to redistribute electronic equipment from corporate entities to community organisations to enhance educational and employment opportunities.

Are you a Corporate wanting to fulfill your Corporate responsibility goals by contributing to youth development and education? Find out all you need to know from the Digital Wings Donors' page

Are you a Community group, Whānau | Hapū or Charity wanting to support the educational and employment opportunities within your group/rangatahi? Read how you can apply from the Digital Wings Recipients page.

What a brilliant way to support the digital enablement of our people!


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