Congratulations. You're in business!

Well done you're one of the people who are the backbone of New Zealand's economy.

NZ Businesses with no employee’s (eg Sole Trader, or only one Working Director) makeup 69% of all NZ Businesses and have an average turnover/sales of $193,000 per year. Just goes to show your tenacity and inventiveness!

But there is always room for improvement, right?

And the 'number 8', 'I can do it myself' approach has a downside too.

Who do you check-in with?
Who do you turn to plan the next step and grow?
Who helps you get past a curly problem?
Who helps you increase your sales?
Or ... who keeps you accountable for making solid progress month on month and sticking to your plan?

Venture Centre has been trialling a solution to this problem. One of the advisors working with Venture Centre's community of entrepreneurs and business owners is offering free Office hours once a week at Basestation.

Alistair MacMahon is a business, sales and marketing specialist. To find out more about him and book your Office Hours slot click here.


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