Choice and Squawk Squad are Social Enterprises that are addressing significant social and environmental issues. Both are founded by Alex, who will be at next week's Social Innovation Opportunity and Tauranga Startup Weekend 

Choice is looking to empower the consumer to address some of New Zealand's most significant social issues, you can watch more about it here: Pay with impact - Choice

Squawk Squad aims to connect and engage a country in the protection and growth of our native birdlife. You can join a Squad and collectively sponsor a trap. These traps get installed in local sanctuary projects across Aotearoa and you as a user get a live notification on your mobile every time your trap kills a possum, rat or a stoat, helping save New Zealand's native birds. But there’s no point telling you about it here, check out Squawk Squad in its’ natural habitat: Squawk Squad Ark in the Park Installation 

Squawk Squad believes that they do not have all of the answers to saving our native birds - so why not educate a nation on New Zealand’s goal to become Predator Free by 2050. Last year for Conservation Week Squawk Squad engaged 40,000 kiwi kids during the week through their digital education pack. Check out the difference our tamariki made throughout the week!

As you can see, Alex has a clear understanding of the problems New Zealand needs to tackle. He also has a strong vision for his enterprises and knows exactly what he needs to make the boat go faster: “He tangata, he tangata, he tangata,” Alex says, “There is only one factor that determines how fast your organisation goes and that is the people. When you are working toward a cause larger than yourselves with purpose entrenched in everything you do the right talent seems to poke its head above the board. This has proven to us time and time again that when you are driven by purpose, your team will go above and beyond every single time to produce their best work, ultimately propelling your organisation forward at an unbelievable pace.”

Alex has a vision, one that he wants to share with not only New Zealand but the world:
“Imagine a world where every transaction made a difference.
Imagine a world where purpose driven organisations were the new norm.
Imagine a world where social impact was ingrained in everything we do.
Imagine a world where technology could be used to make a positive difference.
Imagine a world where every transfer of value could show your environmental, social and economic impact in a tangible way.”

Alex will be participating in an interactive panel with four other social entrepreneurs at The Social Innovation Opportunity for Tauranga next Monday. Together, they will share their stories on how they approached identifying the systemic issues they wanted to solve and what model they used to tackle this. He will also be speaking and mentoring at Tauranga Startup Weekend, so if you would like to be supported by social entrepreneurs like Alex, secure your spot here.


Want to know more about Social Entrepreneurship, its impact and how to be a part of growing it in our region? Just click here.

The Social Innovation Opportunity for Tauranga event is co-produced and co-delivered by the Ākina Foundation & Venture Centre as part of Groundswell the Festival of Innovation


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