Kristen Joiner Director Impact Investment Enterprise Angels
Kristen Joiner Director Impact Investment Enterprise Angels

What does social innovation mean and what is the potential of social innovation to help us tackle pressing social and environmental issues and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

What social innovation, trends and social impact are we seeing globally and locally that highlights the potential of social innovation to make positive change here in Tauranga Moana as well as globally? What is the potential for investment and investors in the context of social innovation?

These are some of the questions Kristen Joiner will answer in her opening keynote at the Social Innovation Opportunity for Tauranga event on 27 August.

Kristen was born in the US and has recently moved to Tauranga with her family. Kristen is an entrepreneur, writer and producer with a successful track record of building social ventures, writing about social change, innovation and producing socially conscious film and television. Kristen’s work has been featured in leading publications include the New York Times, The Today Show, Stanford Social Innovation Review and USA Today. Kristen’s accomplishments include co-founding Badger Rock School in the US, a school focused on building resilient communities and Mpower, a nationally recognised climate change campaign.

Kristen’s current role is Director of Impact Investment at Enterprise Angels, NZ’s largest angel investment network where she is working on establishing a social enterprise fund. We asked Kristen to tell us a little more ahead of her presentation:

What is your organisation doing to make the world a better place?

As New Zealand’s largest Angel Investor network, Enterprise Angels believes in the power of innovation to help communities thrive. Enterprise Angels has 180 Angel Investors, investing $35m+ in 70 commercial early stage companies, alongside two funds and an online equity platform.

Having been a key player in establishing angel/early stage investing in NZ, we are now a key player in the establishment of impact investing in this country, which harnesses the power of the commercial sector to address complex social and environmental problems.

What will make the boat go faster for your organisation?

The idea of impact investment will spread faster and more strongly if our community is willing to be curious and brave about trying new approaches to investment.

What is the bigger vision for your organisation – what is the change you want to make / see in 10 years, 100 years?

We want to see impact investing thrive. Our vision is to unlock significant capital and commercial expertise to effect transformative social and environmental change.


Come and meet Kristen, learn about Social Innovation and mix with others wanting to take action at The Social Innovation Opportunity in Tauranga on 27th August , 9:30am - 1pm, Basestation 148 Durham Street Tauranga. Secure your spot here.

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The Social Innovation Opportunity for Tauranga event is co-produced and co-delivered by the Ākina Foundation & Venture Centre as part of Groundswell the Festival of Innovation


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